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Songs I Like in Genres I Don’t

Type: Artist: Song

Hard Bop/Smooth Jazz: John Coltrane: Blue Train

Latin Music: Tito Puente: Oye Como Va

Heavy Metal: Black Sabbath: War Pigs

Disco/Funk: Heatwave: Grooveline

Disco/Funk: Earth, Wind & Fire: Boogie Wonderland

Country Music: Charlie Daniels Band: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Country Music: The Avett Brothers: Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

Synthpop/1980s’ Pop Music: Men Without Hats: Safety Dance

Synthpop/1980s’ Pop Music: Tears For Fears: Mad World

New Wave 1980’s Rock: Steve Miller Band: Abracadabra

Glam Metal: Guns N’ Roses: Sweet O’ Child of Mine

Gansta Rap/West Coast Rap: Ice Cube: Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

J-Pop: Shiina Ringo: Sakuran

K-Pop: K.will: Please don’t…

Today’s Pop Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Can’t Hold Us

Today’s Pop Music: fun.: Carry On

Today’s Pop Music: Maroon 5: Daylight

Things My Asian Mom Says-Steaks and Ice Cream

  • Mom:

    You know what EBT people buy when they come to my store?

  • Me:

    Ice cream?

  • Mom:

    Yeah, steaks and ice cream. You know, EBT lady came in today and she only had 7 dollar left and she bought ice cream.

  • Me:

    Mhmm *typing because I know this is going to be golden*

  • Mom:

    And somebody tried to sell EBT to my employees.

  • Me:

    For how much?

  • Mom:

    For 250 dollar for 300…Makes me upset when I have to serve EBT customers. Some I understand because they’re disabled. If you don’t work, you get it. That’s not right!

  • Me:

    This is going online.

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